How to Delete BothLive Account

Do you want to delete your BothLive account? In this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to delete your BothLive account easily.

BothLive is a high-quality international live and video chat platform. Helps you communicate with the world and provide you with live video of exotic features.

How to Delete BothLive Account Guide
How to Delete BothLive Account Guide

Below we have explained 3 options for deleting your BothLive account easily

How to Delete BothLive Account

Here is how to delete your BothLive account:-

To delete your BothLive account, just leave it inactive for 3 months periods. If an account of bothlive user has not been used for 3 consecutive months, the account may be registered by the new user or automatically deleted by the system.

Once BothLive account is deleted, all the original information including but not limited to account, password, level, permissions, Virtual props, virtual currencies, etc. will all be lost.

Another option for deleting or canceling your BothLive account is going against BothLive terms of serviceBothLive freezes, or permanently terminate accounts that go against their terms.

In case Bothlive temporarily freezes (suspends) or permanently freezes (logs out, terminates) the user’s Bothlive account, Bothlive will notify the user via the email address provided by the user when registering with bothlive.

The last option for deleting your BothLive account is by contacting BothLive support via the email address or, requesting account deletion.

That’s it, by using either of the above 3 options, you will be able to get your BothLive account deleted

Just remember that once your BothLive account is terminated, it can’t be recovered.

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