How to Delete Aristois

Do you want to delete Aristois account? In this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to delete Aristois in case you have issues with outdated files. 

If you’re having some issues with outdated files, it might be best to completely remove all Aristois files, and start over. This also works if you would like to delete any files related to Aristois after uninstallation.

Aristois is a world-class all-in-one mod with over a million downloads and counting

Below we have highlighted the steps to follow so that you completely remove Aristois files

How to Delete Aristois

Here is how to fully delete Aristois:-

Step 1: Navigate to your .minecraft folder.

Step 2: Delete the .fabric folder

Step 3: Go into the libraries folder (.minecraft/libraries/).

Step 4: Delete the 3 folders meEMC, and net.

Step 5: Go back into your .minecraft folder and then go into versions.

Step 6: Delete the Aristois version folder (.minecraft/versions/X.XX.X-Aristois).

Step 7: Open the launcher and delete the Aristois profile from the “Installations” tab.

Step 8: If on Forge delete EMC.jar from the mods folder.

After deleting these, Aristois is fully uninstalled.

How to Delete Aristois
How to Delete Aristois


You can then reinstall it from a fresh installer if you’d like.

That’s it, by following the above steps, you will successfully have deleted Aristois

Is Aristois Safe?

Aristois is 100% safe to use, as long as you download it from the official website.


Starting out originally as a small project in mid-2016, Aristois has since attracted hundreds of thousands of users, gaining over a million total downloads. Since early 2019, Aristois has been incorporated, headquartered in northern Sweden.

To delete Aristois, simply delete the folders EMCnet, and me from the libraries. Also, remove the version folder, and that is it. To remove on forge, simply delete EMC.jar from your mods folder

We hope that you found our article on how to delete Aristois helpful. If not, feel free to submit a comment or question for us and we’ll get back with an answer.

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